Creative ways to make money

The 10 best creative ways to make money for a steady monthly income. It’s not so hard to find creative ways for an income. You have to look into directions of your interests. What’s better than to make money with something you really like to do. If your not so creative these days, think about what you liked to do when you were younger.

So maybe you are feeling like I did; working a 9-17 job and not getting any further in life. My bankaccount was more empty every month. This is when my creative mind started to spin like mad. As you’ve red, I’ve always been a hustler making money left and right. This was not going to happen, my employer did’nt like it but I was not going to drown. So I made up a lot of money making ways. Here is my:

Top 10 creative ways to make money

1 Creative ways to make money – Affiliate marketing

affili-what? Yes that’s what I thought the first time my friend told me about this side hustlle. I Say side hustle, because with limited skills in webpage building and SEO (Search engin optimization) it’s hard to make a fulltime income in this sector. But it was a good side hustle. You can easily make around 200-500 dollar a month on a steady base.

What is affiliate marketing?

This creative money making way is about promoting products of other companies. For example:

I’m very interested in laptops of sneakers. I start a blog with the newest kicks or techniques in laptop land. This will generate viewers on my website. I can now monetize the content by adding links to other websites. These links will contain my code. When someone buys a product by following my link, I will get a percentage mostly between 5 and 10%.

2 Creative ways to make money – Uber driver

This needs little explaining, you need a car and and a Uber account. You can read more about beginning for Uber over here: Become an Uber driver

3 Creative ways to make money – Social media marketeer

Create a fan base on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or elsewhere. If you have a large fanbase you can write articles for brands. If your account is really big, companies will come to you. From around 10K followers they will find your page valuable. So work hard and gain those followers. Through Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook you also create postst with link. These links can contain affiliate codes as told in Creative ways to make money nr 1.

4 Creative ways to make money – Bitcoin trader

Create an account at a bitcoin dealer. Read your way into trading Bitcoin and start trading. Buy when Bitcoins are low and sell when they are high. Repeat. That simple it can be.

5 Creative ways to make money – Fiverr jobs

For who doesn’t know, this site is amazing. This website is a worldwide platform to sell and buy services. For example; if you have a skill, it doesn’t matter what. You can offer your skills at the platform.

Skills like:

  • Website building
  • Logo making
  • Voice over
  • Translating
  • Video commercials and more

People from all over the world can be your customer by the click of a mouse. Because of this, you can do business with someone in India, Ukraine of anywhere that has lower wages than your country has. If you’re based in India of Ukraine you receive a minimum of 5$ a gig. You can always ask more for difficult jobs. This is truly awesome. Check it out here: